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 Interview with the cosplay duo InuNeko Cosplay - Petroeshka Schoonheym & Mario de Louweren

Interview by Alex Shinobi

1. Name, Age and what you do:
Name: Petroeshka 
Age: 28
What you do for a living: I'm a audiovisual producer/film student.
Name: Mario
Age: 28
What you do for a living: I'm a signmaker. I make indoor and outdoor advertisement signs.
2. Which characters have you been cosplaying:
Petroeshka: I genderbended Scorpion of Mortal Kombat 9. 
And last year in 2013 i was cosplaying as my own version of Avatar Korra of Legend Of Korra - season 1.
Mario: Sub-Zero of Mortal Kombat 9.
3. Why did you chose these characters and how long did you take to make the costumes?
Petroeshka: That's actually a funny story. 
We are both 80's-90's kids. So we both kinda like and know about the same geeky stuff because of the generation we come from. We both played the oldschool Mortal Kombat games on Sega Megadrive and Super Nintendo when we were younger. It's just one of those videogames you don't forget. Esspecially not when you keep playing when you get older. Which we do by the way.
And it so happens that we're both crazy about anime, Asian culture (esspecially the Japanese culture), martial arts and everything that has to do with ninja's and samurai's.
So before we actually decided what we wanted to cosplay for this Summer, I suddenly came up with the crazy idea of cosplaying as a couple.
I was just like "Ok, so I think I want to do a female Scorpion. Maybe you could go as my arch enemy Sub-Zero?"
Mario simply agreed to this because he always admired Sub-Zero and his ice powers and loved the costume Sub-Zero is wearing in Mortal Kombat 9. And Scorpion has always been my favorite, so the decission wasn't that hard to make.
Mario: Counting the time we took researching crafting techniques and materials, designing the outfits and actually making them, I would say it took about six months to make everything. That in combination with our college study's and work.

4. Did something funny happen while you wore/tried the costume? 
Petroeshka: Not in particular. No. 
We tried to make my outfit fit exact, so nothing would start to hang loose or would easily break. 
Overall our costumes are pretty sturdy. They are really made so that you can just walk, jump and run around freely without damaging them.
Mario: The only funny thing that happened at AbunaiCon was that we met a guy there, named "Djoezz Cosplay", who was also wearing a Scorpion costume, but he made the new costume version of Mortal Kombat X. 
We met him in the line of the cloakroom. At first I just wanted to take a picture with him, but as soon as there was a photographer walking by, he wanted to do a photoshoot with the three of us as Mortal Kombat cosplayers. So we ended up doing that and actually hung out all weekend together with him.
And we're friends ever since.
Also, I am one of the few Sub-Zero cosplayers that can make my mask blow out "ice breath"...Which triggered a lot of funny reactions from people. So that's cool ofcourse!
5. How did you get into cosplaying and why did you start going to conventions? Which one was your first con? 
Petroeshka: I always loved dressing up as my childhood heroes back when I was a kid.
Whenever I got the chance to do so, i did.
I used to always play around dressing up like a little cowboy, knight, Ninja Turtle, Batman or Zorro. 
When i wasn't making my own swords out of wood, my parents used to always buy me fake swords,shields, guns and whatnot. 
So dressing up and letting my fantasy turn me into "someone else", became just who I was as a kid.
Now that i'm older. I still think it's just fun to be able to become someone/something else for a day sometimes.
And cosplaying at conventions is the perfect way to do that and even take that stuff to the next level while having even more fun with it.
Mario: Mostly the same way as Petroeshka, I was always interested in dressing up and making imaginary weapons. I even made a cardboard Gunblade from the game Final Fantasy 8 once, just because I thought it was the awesomest weapon at that time.
What i love the most about the cosplay crafting process, is the fact that you can learn different techniques in making your costumes and props, eventually make them your own in your own way.
That's also my goal whenever I watch professional cosplayers online on Facebook and Youtube. I like to learn as much as possible about the crafting process and try to make my own cosplay as close to a professional level as possible.
How we got to KNOW about cosplaying however, is kind of a different story. We didn't even know about what cosplay was until 5 years ago.
We learned about it through anime and harajuku culture. We started to notice online photos on social media of people that were dressing up as characters from anime's that we knew. So we just simply looked it up what to call such a phenomenon and learned it was called "cosplay".
After that we started watching tons of video's of cons from all over the world. 
We saw how much fun people were having there as cosplayers. And that kinda got us going to go and visit some too.
The first con we ever visted was in 2009, at a small convention overhere in The Netherlands, in Houten, called Chibicon.
But back then we weren't cosplaying yet. That's something of the last 2 years.
6. Which European Cosplayer do you like the most?
Mario: Without a doubt: Kamui Cosplay from Germany. 
Petroeshka: I think I have to go with Elffi Cosplay from Finland. 
And we're both also big fans of cosplayers Rick Boer of RBF-Productions-NL from The Netherlands and Leon Chiro Cosplay Art from Italy.
7. What's your opinion on conventions?
Mario: They're fun to visit, but they're even more fun when you're cosplaying!
Petroeshka: It's just cool to meet people that share the same geeky fancraze, passion and creativity that we do. It's nice to see people be so supportive and cool towards each other and show appreciation about stuff that you made and wear.
Conventions over here in The Netherlands are pretty cool, but i would love to go visit some conventions abroad though. Just to see what the difference would be in resemblence with those over here.
8 : For those who want to know more of your work, as you can find on the internet (your pages)?
We have a Facebook page:
9. Leave a message for the ones that are starting to cosplay:
Petroeshka: Just have fun with it! Don't be scared to get creative. Just go nuts!
In the end it doesn't matter if you made your own outfit, buy it or just buy segments of it. 
Wear that ish like a boss! ;)
What she said... ;-D
10: Anything else you want to say to everyone reading this?
"See ya'll at the next con! ;) "